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Reason #1~ why I love living in Sonoma




When I was a young girl living on the Oregon Coast in the small town of Waldport, my girl friends and I used to buy Strawberry Hill Wine, by Boone’s Farm and go sit on the beach.


Many hours would pass as we sat and did what young girls do… talk, talk, talk.  The cool ocean breeze whipped through our hair. Sand in our cold toes, that would eventually get warmer as the wine warmed us up.
Life is about experience and memories.

Sometimes you have a new experience that reminds you of an old one.  This was what happened to me last night.  I was sitting on top of Moon Mountain with a small group of about 20-30 people at Robert Kamen’s private vineyard.

There I sat chatting with my new friend Cindy, just like a young girl.  We connected instantly and talked the night away.  After what felt like 20 minutes, my husband and I wound our way down the mountain 3 hours later.

Sitting on top of the mountain

was like watching natures screen play roll across the  Valley of the Moon.

We arrived a little before 7pm. The weather was warm and the sun was bright on the clear horizon.  As time went by the sky turned every color in the rainbow.  Eventually the stars got bright and the pink moon rose above us. There was a spread of food as well as a selection of the newest releases from Kamen Vineyard.  My personal favorite was the Lava Block.  I am a sucker for those wines that leave grit in the bottom of your wine glass.

13450811_10209704458878399_6295861709466480920_nColors of the Rainbow

#1 of 12 reasons why living in Sonoma is so incredible-

It is magic

Where else can you sit on a private estate with a famous screen play writer and friends, watch the sunset, the moon rise, on summer solstice, eat great food with even greater wine, with the man you love?

13512040_10209710555070800_1261092760842065979_nHe is my best friend

This is the heart of Wine Country.

Stay tuned

for next months blog of my journey with my husband as we go through our daily life in Sonoma.