3 Lessons in Walking in Faith


      1. If you want something go for it

two-women-at-daytime-4When my clients Marcela and Claudia decided they wanted a different home, they started looking around.  They looked at different homes in different locations and as they kept finding homes they liked. They could not do anything about it.  One day, they found the perfect home. It had everything they wanted, location, and room to be creative. They wanted to put an offer on it, but there was only one problem.

They had not sold their house yet, actually, they had not even put it on the market.  Living in an area where most homes are getting multiple offers, most sellers are not willing to take an offer contingent on another home selling.  Especially when it is not even on the market yet.

   2. Walk in the direction you want to be  Walk on water

So, after many discussions, they decided to go for it.  We borrowed a truck, rented a storage unit and got to work taking absolutely everything out of their home that was not necessary to have either for living or staging purposes.  I say we, because, I have no problem getting my grubbies on and doing some labor.  After about 10 loads to the storage unit, their house was ready and we listed it. ready_to_sell

While they were waiting for their home to sell, the one they wanted got an accepted offer right away.  Claudia was afraid and Marcela was determined. I kept telling them it would all work out. Believing the perfect home would show up.

While going through the the 51 day process of their home selling and closing, they found several homes they wanted and watched them pass them by.  As the closing date was getting closer they had decided they were going to stay with some close friends, Pablo and Marcos while they kept looking. They could not help but feel homeless at this point.

   3. Trust that the Universe has your back

The week before their home was to close, they were visiting some friends in the neighborhood they were dreaming of living. They heard an ambulance go by and stop at the neighbors house.  A few days later, they discovered the elderly man who owned the home had passed. Marcela and Claudia decided to take a walk by the house just to check it out, the daughter of the deceased owner was there cleaning out the house.  Claudia asked after some conversation if they had decided what to do with the house.  They could not believe their ears, the house was going on the market.  With a little negotiation between the agents, bam!

They were looking at closing on their desired home in less than 3 weeks.